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Welcome to My Lead Gen Secret Review

Hey there, thank you for visiting my page. In this review I will give you my honest opinion about My Lead Gen Secret.

I'm writing this review after using this product and being able to see for myself the results it produce. I wanted to make a decision for myself by testing the system, seeing if it's newbie friendly and if the traffic is REAL....

My main concern in the beginning was if these leads would actually buy? Are they looking for home based business opportunities?

Yes they are!

The Problem with Most Reviews

The problem that I had with most reviews is that people that were using the system were not using it properly or they were not giving the system a chance to work. These are leads that don't know you and inorder for them to work you have to consistently email these leads and it needs to be longer than a month!!!

Not only that you have to know what offers to send to these leads. Every offer isn't going to work and that's why I will be providing information to my team that will include:

  • Effective converting email swipes
  • Leads to promote
  • Setting up emails properly
  • Lead swaps (100,000 + leads)!!!

100 Leads Per Day for $30/month

As soon as I signed up I immediately started to send to the 100 emails that they provided. When you sign up with My Lead Gen Secrets, you immediately get your first 100 leads in your back office. These leads are yours! You can import them to your auto responder and send any offers you like to these leads. You will be able to send one email per day. If you don't have an auto responder no worries! This system has one built in.

After my second day of using the system I had one sign up and I started to receive 200 leads per day and this happens every single day. So by day 7 I will have 1400 leads to email!

What you need to know about the leads...

When you email these leads remember they are COLD. They know nothing about you so you need to take your time and build up these leads. Email everyday and make sure you are sending out the right offers.

If you don't see results in the beginning... DON'T GIVE UP!!!

You are warming up these leads and the more that you warm them up the easier it is to make a commission! You must have dedication and patience...

My Results with My lead Gen Secret

You will start to see results after a couple of months as long as you are following the training and emailing daily. Here are my results so far promoting My Lead Gen Secret. I will also start to promote Clickbank offers as well (this info is also discussed in the FB group that you will be invited to if you join with me :).

My Final Thoughts...

If you are struggling getting traffic daily this is the perfect place to be.

Not only that you will earn with this system because the leads work!!!!

You are only paying $1.00 a day with an opportunity to collect 100-200 leads per day, earn residual and also $100 bonuses. In your first month you can have 3000 leads by paying $60 (only for the first month $30 for set up and $30 for leads) and then only $30 a month thereafter.

Don't worry if you don't have offers to promote I will teach you what to promote and you can also promote My Lead Gen Secret!

With this platform you can provide yourself a residual income without breaking the bank.


If you can see the bonuses below, it means that they are still available.

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Buy My Lead Gen Secret Here & Get My FREE Bonuses!

How to receive my bonuses?

To receive my bonuses make sure you sign up through one of the buttons on this page. Once you have signed up, send me an email to with the name and nickname you created your account with. Then I'll send you the bonuses so you can start with the training immediately.


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